The Adventurers Club 33 Podcast was started in 2019 by long time friends Corey Tucker and Scott Atwood.

About Corey:

At the ripe old age of 6, Corey Tucker took his first trip to Walt Disney World and has been a fan ever since. He grew up watching Star Wars and reading Marvel comics, so when you put these 3 topics together, you get the result of an awesome podcast. Corey has been helping out with TMSM for what seems like eons as a writer, historian, and now podcaster with the world-famous Scott Atwood. He currently resides in Alabama (hence the authentic southern accent) with his wife and 2 children.

About Scott:

Growing up just south of Detroit in Michigan, Scott Atwood only went to Disney once when he was 5 and didn’t go again till 2008.  He then became hooked on the “Magic” and with his wife created the ever popular, The Main Street Mouse website.  The first person to join on the staff with Scott and Michele was none other than the Alabama native, Corey Tucker or as we call him C-Tuck.  After many years of talk, Scott and Corey have finally launched a podcast to rival the best out there.  With 2 mics and 2 Macs these 2 Disney Powerhouses bring you the magic through your speakers.  Scott currently resides in Central Florida with his wife and 2 children.

Follow Scott on Instagram: @TMSMAvenger